Forum Scholars Series

‘What Trump Should Know’ Series

What the Trump Administration Should Know About Cities‘ by Scott Minkoff

Our Metro Areas Have Become Engines of Inequality‘ by George Galster

The Promise and Perils of Education Reform‘ by Vladimir Kogan

Infrastructure, Taxes, and Sanctuary Cities‘ by Michael Pagano

Trump and Urbanism: Defending the Unwalled City’ by Todd Swanstrom

Cities as Nodes of Resistance to the Trump Agenda‘ by Peter Eisinger

It’s Time for a Change: Rethinking Urban Policy in the Age of Trump‘ by David Imbroscio

No Sanctuary? The Consequences of Police Involvement in Immigration‘ by Nik Theodore

Enterprise Zones: The Zombie Idea That Just Won’t Die‘ by Timothy Weaver

‘Local Elections’ Series

Factional Voting in Local Elections: The Case of Cambridge, MA‘ by Jack Santucci

Progressive Local Voters in the U.S. South: Athens, Georgia in 2018‘ by Simon Williamson

Chicago’s 2019 Elections and The Legacy of Rahm Emanuel‘ by Thomas Ogorzalek and Jaime Domínguez

Ada County, Idaho is Growing and so is the Role of Women in its Governance‘ by Jaclyn J. Kettler

Bold vs. Bland: Toronto’s Mayoral Election and the Challenge of City-building‘ by Sara Hughes

Thorny Property Politics: Cook County’s 2018 Democratic Primary for Assessor‘ by Amanda Kass

Jerusalem: The City Not Allowed To Be a City‘ by Michael Ziv-Kenet and Noga Keidar

Making (Political) Magic in Anaheim‘ by Peter F. Burns Jr. and Matthew O. Thomas

Urban Governance in the Suburbs: Politics in In-Between Places‘ by Hannah Lebovits

Surge in LGBTQ+ and Women of Color Candidates, Yet Obstacles Remain for LGBTQ+ Voters‘ by Melina Juárez Pérez

‘Engaged Scholarship’ Series

Negotiating the Challenges of Online Learning and Community-engaged Scholarship‘ by Ashley E Nickels and Leslie Bowser

Paving A Path Forward for Engaged Scholarship‘ by Del Bharath and Hannah Lebovits

Mississippi State is All-In: A Community-Engaged Learning Approach to Student Civic Engagement‘ by Thessalia Merivaki

InnovateGov in Detroit: Connecting the university’s most vital resource to a city’s most urgent challenges‘ by Kesicia Dickinson, Marty Jordan, Sarah Reckhow, and Joshua Sapotichne

The Importance of Service Learning‘ by Andrew Smith

The Liberal Arts Action Lab: Community-Initiated Urban Research in Hartford, Connecticut‘ by Megan Brown

Flipping a Small Classroom: Engaging Students in the Learning Process‘ by Staci M. Zavattaro

Urban Politics is the Best Politics of American Politics’ by Emily Farris

Engaging in Active Learning: Mock Political Campaigns‘ by Elizabeth A. Craigg Walker

Changing Laws for Credit‘ by Joseph Mead

Making the Economic Development Process Accessible to Students‘ by Davia Cox Downey

An Applied Economic Development Project for Urban Politics Classes‘ by Aaron Weinschenk

Forthcoming: Urban Affairs Forum Colloquium on STATE OF THE FIELD – American Regionalism and the Constellation of Mechanisms for Cross-Boundary Cooperation